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So yesterday - the parliamentarians were at it again. While we were busy taking in what we normally call supper, they were busy forging what would be called a ‘hefty bonus package’ worth a staggering 2.6 billion Kenyan shillings.

What does it include_-_what doesn’t it include?

1. Ksh. 9.3 million for each MP once their term expires (on Tuesday next week).
2. Life-long security with bodyguards, diplomatic passports and a funeral paid for by the government.
3. Guaranteed (UNLIMITED) access for MPs and their spouses to the executive lounge for VIPs at all the airports within the country.
4. A paid driver for all the 42 Cabinet ministers and their 55 deputies after they leave office.

All this, while we still have Kenyans in IDP camps.
All this, while the meagre income of the country’s civil servants continues being neglected.
al this, while the country has not found a sustainable solution to the ever rampant drought and hunger.
All this _ paid for by the hard-working taxpayer that is YOU and ME.


In that moment you sacrifice sleep and get up to prepare for work; in that moment when you have to brave the long cold nights studying hard; in the timeless moments we spend going over our lives regretting the things we’ve done wrong and celebrating what we’ve done right; is a reminder that every day we need to rebuild ourselves _ and to accept that we’re all nothing but empty spaces inside if we don’t honour our very existence with a step away from the person we used to be towards the person we ought to be (and not hope to be).

A reminder that there is so much we do, so much more that we ought to do, and much much more that we can learn from what we do. That whether we accept it or not, we all live on hope. Hope that we’ll wake up tomorrow and live to enjoy the revelries and excitement that come with Friday evenings. Hope that, despite the traffic snarl-up you’re held up in, you will eventually get home and enjoy your sleep _ however limited it may be. Hope that, over the course of the breakfast/lunch/dinner dates you’ll be having with your dream guy/girl tomorrow or even next week, you’ll eventually impress him/her with your charming personality.

Our hopes are limitless, and so are our dreams. And that’s why it is foolish to live on a dream and not act on it. “To be or not to be, that is the question”. The answer? Absurdly, it lies in the questions: Does my happiness lie in this dream I dream, or does it lie in the realisation of the dream? Am I happy with the way things are or do I still dream of a better tomorrow? Have I done all that I need to do today to move to where I hope to be tomorrow? Am I spending my time on earth fulfilling my ultimate potential or am I just a speckle of dust being blown by the wind?

If, and I repeat ‘IF’, any of those questions made you sit back and re-assess your past, present and the path your future seems likely to take…you need to wake up from your dream and be the dream. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure”: the words from a world renowned poet. One whose works are a great reflection of our day-to-day lives on earth, and whose words can be a source of great reflection. But besides the author, in his message lies the truth about the human mind and its self-imposed limitations.

You and I are a people so content with living in our neat little bubbles that we cower at taking the risk of chasing after our dreams. So comfortable with the way things are and afraid of sacrificing that comfort, even for a minute, in pursuit of our life goals. Scared of taking a path whose directions we may not know. Scared of losing everything we have in search of what we really want in life. Scared of making mistakes. But what we really call mistakes are only but lessons. Lessons that we attend on a compulsory basis and have to endure until we have learnt them fully. Because these lessons do not have an ending. And there is no one point in life at which anyone is immune to them. Thus no excuse is reasonable enough for us to be held from chasing after our blessings, especially not mistakes. As they say “the universe takes care of correcting our mistakes”.

God has given us all we need to chase after our dreams. He saw it sufficient enough to put you on earth and give you all that you have and need. And for what you don’t have, he has a reason. One which we may not understand. But the answer to life lies inside you. It lies in that moment of truth shown to each of us by life itself. That moment of clarity where you see what is missing in your marriage; or what you really deserve from a relationship; or the realization that a certain course or job is not meant for you.

The choice on whether to follow what life generously tells us (through our hearts) at such times or shut the door on our ever-present conscience is up to us. But as an ancient Hasidic proverb states: “Be the master of your will and the slave of your conscience”.

 Have a blessed evening everyone


He’s regarded as one of the best-dressed athletes in the NBA and we really can’t argue on that. I mean, who can?

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade…aka D_Wade…aka Gabrielle Union’s beau

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Present-day humanity…


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A prelude to Kenya’s Safaricom 7’s….”GO KENYA_GO”

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